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Arsenal in the Premier League game against Hull City, although not a strong opponent, but for arsenal, if you want to contend for four, then this game is a must win. And the time for an interview before the game, womens nike free 3.0 v4 Wenger said before the arsenal forward Giroux has now come out of the slump, he was well proved himself, he believed that this game against Hull City, Giroux can still score goals. While rotating to face the outside world wouldn't tell me anything else I've introduced striker voice, Wenger said that other bigger clubs in Europe is essential to rely on a striker, so doing nothing wrong. Has been yilai, Giroux are is arsenal array in the was criticized sound up of players, its has long of bad performance does and its arsenal main center of role not match, more let fans is anger and discontent of is, Giroux in Stadium Shang of game style is lazy, spell can't spell, more when presence Shang plays with "walking di", and in fittings on the against West Ham of League in the, Giroux finally hit into has a back reputation of scored, for themselves of love of recovery, Wenger on this claimed, Giroux before is now completely out of the slump.

Wenger said: "'s game against West Ham, he achieved a goal, I think the goal for his ability to hit back at those who questioned his people is the best way to fight back, which is very important. And uh, Zirl, who recently went through a difficult time, and for him this is the dual challenges of mentally and physically. But he's a strong guy, is also a positive guy, he has a great mentality, and I'm sure he will come back again. "Wenger continued:" Giroux to position this season has scored 20 goals, this number is very persuasive, he might be too tired for a little bit, because he played too many games, but we must pay attention to is that in that time, he did not appear injured, which proves that he is a strong man. "La Mai Wu-one year left on the contract with Chelsea expires, nike free 3.0 v5 mens it now appears that Mourinho should have no plans to renew with them. In the back seat, Mourinho was more especially Lewis. Moreover, Matic month joined Chelsea for 21 million pounds this year, Romeu's living space more narrow. Romeu didn't say dead, but he wants to stay in Valencia's attitude abundantly clear. The daily mirror newspaper noted that Romeu is likely to have a permanent move to Valencia this summer. Chelsea if this summer will be sold, how much could recoup some of the costs. If he continues in doubt, probably rencailiangkong.

Has been yilai, people are in questioned Wenger of introduction aid policy, especially in striker this location Shang, because team only a Kat LU can using, and Dang he into downturn of when, team on hard again found a suitable of substitute top up, on this Wenger said European other most team also are is so do of: "such of situation (long-term not scored) for a striker for, is very difficult of, but you must to has confidence. A lot of times when a striker is not scoring, if you arrange for someone to replace him, it hurt his confidence is very much. You can look across Europe, most of the team are also rely on a striker in the game.

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