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Season ending, Courtney became a hot topic again in the future. Marota, General Manager claimed that coach 100% remain, but the public believes that the bilateral relationship is not harmony, also disclosed Mr Agnelli was given 20 days ultimatum, urging renewal of the coach as soon as possible. Speculation that Courtney is still unmoved, speaking at the press conference evaded its own future, but winning the premiership and European Cup, as a more meaningful conversation. nike free 5.0 mens Courtney contract renewal was first asked about one thing: "I hope this is the first time, and last answer to this topic regardless of the game. "That being said, stonewalling Juve coach, does not give an account of:" Marota said renewal of the discussion at the end of the season, surely everyone has heard, and I saw in the paper. The reality is that Marota's words, is exactly what I said earlier, both before and after the speech. If two people say similar things, it means that when they see a problem, have the same way of thinking, very harmonious relationship. We are in the most important stage of the season, talk about personal topics, especially coach-related topic, I thought it was the players, clubs and fans ' lack of respect, because they are looking forward to the team's historic achievement,

I'm responsible for them, seek to achieve their expected League 3 champion, and European leagues further desires. We have the right determination and desire, but need the right attitude, so I have to focus on the game. From this point of view, tomorrow with the Bologna match, much more than if I renew the subject. nike free 5.0 v4 womens "Juventus vs Bologna, Scudetto rivals Roma to Florence, race is good for Zebra, Courtney walked away:" no game is easy, even if gaps exist on paper, the two warring sides, but no one dare say 100% win. For us, is a very difficult test in Bologna, so tomorrow I hope to have more fans to cheer for the team, so they can feel the importance of this game.

I would like to stress is that-Bologna match is not decisive, but equally important, if we can beat them, we will be one step closer to completing 3 consecutive puzzles, this is a historic achievement. We are fortunate that prevailed in the competition, without watching others face only conquer yourself. That being said, when we were still far from relaxing, to know, Ballardini Genoa experiences, we have played 110% in the spirit. Equate to make excuses to commit suicide, we know this truth. "Courtney comes to several key recovery that followed:" Carlos Tevez, and Bidal had little problem, did not participate in the game with Udinese, they recover very well, we will let them return to their 100% State. Who were healed, but needs to find the rhythm, he already has an appearance conditions, starting tomorrow, will require further assessment.

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