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Qiao Wenke recently increased opportunities, performance is better, the last League scored a goal to break the impasse, Courtney stressed the "atom Ant of" the importance of: "first thing to say is that a terrible game with Udinese, tactical components is very heavy, and Seba is what played a decisive role in games like this. The public must trust him, because Qiao Wenke has an amazing capacity, nike free run 2 mens be able to play in a team like Juve key, is enough to prove his worth. And it's not just a single game in the match with Lyon a few weeks ago, he also played a decisive role. So in my opinion, Qiao Wenke is not only an outstanding player, deserves everyone's respect, and worthy of a presence in any team. "Juve from the League title is only a step away, EU has killed into the top 4, Courtney will inevitably want to double Crown the words:" we are at an exciting process, the League and the European Union two-lane advance, the bumper is open and accessible.

But, as I have emphasized, the game one play, resulting in no more than two or make brilliant achievements or disappointed to see someone walking in front of us, in any case, depends on our attitude and determination. We are the champions hit, but didn't get any title, beat Bologna, will we finally lay an important foundation for the title. As for the Europa League, Benfica are a very formidable competitor ,nike free run 3 womensbrilliant achievements this season, winning the domestic Cup this week, winning the Premiership is a matter of time, into the Europa League final last year, power is evident. But we've come to this point, and will not give yourself any excuses to retreat.

Teives recently praised Courtney, says Juve have had their own "Fergie", Courtney responded: "I saw Carlos on my evaluation, are very, very pleased. Can be compared with legends like Sir Alex Ferguson, in itself, is a great honor. Thanks to Carlos Tevez, players are always grateful that I had, as a coach you can have 1000 ideas, but the implementation depends entirely on the player. Lucky for me, 3 years working with great players and a man, so I'll just thank them. As for Carlos Tevez, I feel at home with him, trying to convince him to join Juve's first meeting, calling to each other. I saw a man full of determination and charisma, and that character is not dissipated due to changes in the external environment, I've heard a lot of negative coverage against him, but in my mind, Tevez is always the champion, the player's role model, and it makes me feel very happy. For this reason, be Tevez so high appraisal, I certainly would be very proud and satisfied.

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