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According to statistics, the average time required for Premiership return to the Champions League for 6.5 years, and the average was just once team pulled out of the Champions League. 95 Blackburn get Champions League against Manchester United, after 18 years did not appear again in the Champions League game, now round of the Championship. Leeds 2nd, 2000 which killed their historic into the final four, but died out after 2001, happened shortly after the financial crisis of the white rose in rank. Veteran dance troupes, Newcastle experienced Champions League atmosphere, were 97 for the first time, second time is 02, however, nike roshe run hyperfuse uk the magpies have been unable to rank among the top four and getting Champions League qualification. Every year huge put spurs in 4th 2011-12 season, the access to the Premier League, but has since missed the Champions League game, naturally, was unable to retain stars such as Luka modric and Bale.

Serie a match of the 34th round at the Artemio-Frankie pitches, from Florence against Rome, Luo Maruo win, will break the single-season victory record of team history and tied the single season points record and continued this season's Scudetto suspense. History of confrontation: both teams played 158 times in total, nike free run sale 149 of them for serie a matches, of which Florence 46-57-46, 183 balls lost 185 goals, at home in 74 League games is 32-30 draw and 12 defeats, lost 109 goals 70 balls. Two teams of Serie a and the Italy Cup played nearly 4 times, Rome maintained trendsetter, which last season 3 killed in Florence, the 15th round of the season with goals from Maicon and Desterro, Viola 2-1, Lectra. 7 round, Luo Mahao, 7 in a row, successive scored for Udinese, Chievo, Turin, sasuoluo, Palma de Mallorca, Cagliari, and Atlanta, this is another success of the season after 10 straight victories, winning streak to the end of the season, will break the history of the League's longest winning streak (2005-2006 season with 11 straight victories). The round, Roman road to face rival Fiorentina, Juventus against underdog Bologna, Red Wolf is able to continue winning streak, is the key to Scudetto suspense could continue until the end of the season.

33 round matches before, Rome had 24 victories, has tied the single-season victory record of team history (season 2007-2008 season and 2009-2010), this battle if it would have just won one in Viola, you will create a new record. At the same time, Roman 33 rounds before getting 79 points from the history of the team's single-season high score only 3 points behind (2007-2008 season, 82 min), this win, WINS in history. Fiorentina boss Montella a player used to play for Rome for 9 seasons, 194 appearances in Serie a matches, scoring 83 goals in Rome in 2009, retired, coaching career also started from Rome. After the 2011-2012 season moved to Catania, Catania and Fiorentina 6 small planes has rate challenge laodong, but only 2-4 record. This battle, he will strive to win coaching career first victory in Rome.

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Qiao Wenke recently increased opportunities, performance is better, the last League scored a goal to break the impasse, Courtney stressed the "atom Ant of" the importance of: "first thing to say is that a terrible game with Udinese, tactical components is very heavy, and Seba is what played a decisive role in games like this. The public must trust him, because Qiao Wenke has an amazing capacity, nike free run 2 mens be able to play in a team like Juve key, is enough to prove his worth. And it's not just a single game in the match with Lyon a few weeks ago, he also played a decisive role. So in my opinion, Qiao Wenke is not only an outstanding player, deserves everyone's respect, and worthy of a presence in any team. "Juve from the League title is only a step away, EU has killed into the top 4, Courtney will inevitably want to double Crown the words:" we are at an exciting process, the League and the European Union two-lane advance, the bumper is open and accessible.

But, as I have emphasized, the game one play, resulting in no more than two or make brilliant achievements or disappointed to see someone walking in front of us, in any case, depends on our attitude and determination. We are the champions hit, but didn't get any title, beat Bologna, will we finally lay an important foundation for the title. As for the Europa League, Benfica are a very formidable competitor ,nike free run 3 womensbrilliant achievements this season, winning the domestic Cup this week, winning the Premiership is a matter of time, into the Europa League final last year, power is evident. But we've come to this point, and will not give yourself any excuses to retreat.

Teives recently praised Courtney, says Juve have had their own "Fergie", Courtney responded: "I saw Carlos on my evaluation, are very, very pleased. Can be compared with legends like Sir Alex Ferguson, in itself, is a great honor. Thanks to Carlos Tevez, players are always grateful that I had, as a coach you can have 1000 ideas, but the implementation depends entirely on the player. Lucky for me, 3 years working with great players and a man, so I'll just thank them. As for Carlos Tevez, I feel at home with him, trying to convince him to join Juve's first meeting, calling to each other. I saw a man full of determination and charisma, and that character is not dissipated due to changes in the external environment, I've heard a lot of negative coverage against him, but in my mind, Tevez is always the champion, the player's role model, and it makes me feel very happy. For this reason, be Tevez so high appraisal, I certainly would be very proud and satisfied.

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Season ending, Courtney became a hot topic again in the future. Marota, General Manager claimed that coach 100% remain, but the public believes that the bilateral relationship is not harmony, also disclosed Mr Agnelli was given 20 days ultimatum, urging renewal of the coach as soon as possible. Speculation that Courtney is still unmoved, speaking at the press conference evaded its own future, but winning the premiership and European Cup, as a more meaningful conversation. nike free 5.0 mens Courtney contract renewal was first asked about one thing: "I hope this is the first time, and last answer to this topic regardless of the game. "That being said, stonewalling Juve coach, does not give an account of:" Marota said renewal of the discussion at the end of the season, surely everyone has heard, and I saw in the paper. The reality is that Marota's words, is exactly what I said earlier, both before and after the speech. If two people say similar things, it means that when they see a problem, have the same way of thinking, very harmonious relationship. We are in the most important stage of the season, talk about personal topics, especially coach-related topic, I thought it was the players, clubs and fans ' lack of respect, because they are looking forward to the team's historic achievement,

I'm responsible for them, seek to achieve their expected League 3 champion, and European leagues further desires. We have the right determination and desire, but need the right attitude, so I have to focus on the game. From this point of view, tomorrow with the Bologna match, much more than if I renew the subject. nike free 5.0 v4 womens "Juventus vs Bologna, Scudetto rivals Roma to Florence, race is good for Zebra, Courtney walked away:" no game is easy, even if gaps exist on paper, the two warring sides, but no one dare say 100% win. For us, is a very difficult test in Bologna, so tomorrow I hope to have more fans to cheer for the team, so they can feel the importance of this game.

I would like to stress is that-Bologna match is not decisive, but equally important, if we can beat them, we will be one step closer to completing 3 consecutive puzzles, this is a historic achievement. We are fortunate that prevailed in the competition, without watching others face only conquer yourself. That being said, when we were still far from relaxing, to know, Ballardini Genoa experiences, we have played 110% in the spirit. Equate to make excuses to commit suicide, we know this truth. "Courtney comes to several key recovery that followed:" Carlos Tevez, and Bidal had little problem, did not participate in the game with Udinese, they recover very well, we will let them return to their 100% State. Who were healed, but needs to find the rhythm, he already has an appearance conditions, starting tomorrow, will require further assessment.

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35th round in the Premiership on Saturday, Chelsea vs Sunderland. FA fight Mourinho continues to evade the press conference, he let Assistant Steve Hollander continued to attend on their behalf. Holland reported on an important message, that Captain John Terry is almost complete renewal of Lampard and Akkol' are also expected to update contracts. News that Chelsea asked players to sign a year over 30 years old, and any significant wage cuts. British media generally not optimistic about prospects for renewal of John Terry, Frank Lampard and Akkol' and Chelsea, nike free 4.0 v2 mens but Hollander said, vital account of the three clubs of the Club's outstanding contribution, renewal is still very possible. Hollander said, "he (Terry) is doing very well this season, our team is the least goals conceded in the premiership. Terry's attendance is very high, and his role on defense is huge. I know that John wants to stay at Chelsea, Chelsea hope John leave, so the next few weeks, I wish everything could be resolved in a friendly manner.

"Frank Lampard and Akkol' is the same, we're talking about this is no ordinary player, they are the Club's loyal servant, who play for Chelsea for a very long time. So, we're going to give these players the full respect. "Holland's words, means that the three Senators is promising to renew. "Black cat" contest, Adjara is the only player that cannot play. Holland confirmed that Belgium winger could miss next Tuesday, with Atletico Madrid's Champions League semi-final first leg match, "I can't say he certainly can't play, but he has not practiced with the team, so he has to catch up with the Champions League is very doubtful. "Holland also spoke of the Scudetto," to Chelsea,mens nike free 4.0 v3 could be first, second and third. Before, if Chelsea won two matches to make up game, they'll score more than Chelsea, but not the same. They draw with Sunderland, our group of players, fans and coaches were encouraged, it's true. Any experience is important, our team is well balanced in every aspect, our experienced head coach.

England 2013-14 released the professional footballers ' Association young player of the season's PFA and shortlist. List of MVP candidates, three Liverpool Gerrard, situliqi and Suarez were selected, Kolo Toure, Lalana and Adjara in its columns. England's professional footballers ' Association PFA for short, were organized at the end of each season the Premier League players (Note: members of the Association), this season's player of the year, voted best young player of the year and team of the year award. Final winners will be announced at the 41st session of the PFA awards ceremony on April 27, former head Bell last season Spurs one captures two awards. It is worth mentioning that, in MVP candidacy, now leads the Premier League standings, Liverpool has 3 seats, Suarez, situliqi, and Steven Gerrard being selected, respectively, are the other three Iaia-the Toure, Lalana and Adjara. For now, Suarez scored 29 League goals the most. In addition, Buckley, Lou grams-Shaw, lamusai, Ajara, Sterling and situliqi will compete for the best young player. The daily mirror newspaper reporter John believe Sterling, Luke cross-xiaohebakeli here we go look, and Sterling is certainly the most promising.

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Arsenal in the Premier League game against Hull City, although not a strong opponent, but for arsenal, if you want to contend for four, then this game is a must win. And the time for an interview before the game, womens nike free 3.0 v4 Wenger said before the arsenal forward Giroux has now come out of the slump, he was well proved himself, he believed that this game against Hull City, Giroux can still score goals. While rotating to face the outside world wouldn't tell me anything else I've introduced striker voice, Wenger said that other bigger clubs in Europe is essential to rely on a striker, so doing nothing wrong. Has been yilai, Giroux are is arsenal array in the was criticized sound up of players, its has long of bad performance does and its arsenal main center of role not match, more let fans is anger and discontent of is, Giroux in Stadium Shang of game style is lazy, spell can't spell, more when presence Shang plays with "walking di", and in fittings on the against West Ham of League in the, Giroux finally hit into has a back reputation of scored, for themselves of love of recovery, Wenger on this claimed, Giroux before is now completely out of the slump.

Wenger said: "'s game against West Ham, he achieved a goal, I think the goal for his ability to hit back at those who questioned his people is the best way to fight back, which is very important. And uh, Zirl, who recently went through a difficult time, and for him this is the dual challenges of mentally and physically. But he's a strong guy, is also a positive guy, he has a great mentality, and I'm sure he will come back again. "Wenger continued:" Giroux to position this season has scored 20 goals, this number is very persuasive, he might be too tired for a little bit, because he played too many games, but we must pay attention to is that in that time, he did not appear injured, which proves that he is a strong man. "La Mai Wu-one year left on the contract with Chelsea expires, nike free 3.0 v5 mens it now appears that Mourinho should have no plans to renew with them. In the back seat, Mourinho was more especially Lewis. Moreover, Matic month joined Chelsea for 21 million pounds this year, Romeu's living space more narrow. Romeu didn't say dead, but he wants to stay in Valencia's attitude abundantly clear. The daily mirror newspaper noted that Romeu is likely to have a permanent move to Valencia this summer. Chelsea if this summer will be sold, how much could recoup some of the costs. If he continues in doubt, probably rencailiangkong.

Has been yilai, people are in questioned Wenger of introduction aid policy, especially in striker this location Shang, because team only a Kat LU can using, and Dang he into downturn of when, team on hard again found a suitable of substitute top up, on this Wenger said European other most team also are is so do of: "such of situation (long-term not scored) for a striker for, is very difficult of, but you must to has confidence. A lot of times when a striker is not scoring, if you arrange for someone to replace him, it hurt his confidence is very much. You can look across Europe, most of the team are also rely on a striker in the game.

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